Admissions & Eligibility

A person may be eligible and admitted into Hospice Hawaii’s care if:

  • The patient’s physician has verified the patient’s prognosis is measured in months*
  • The patient elects no further curative treatment*
  • The patient’s primary care physician, licensed in the State of Hawaii, will work with Hospice Hawaii focusing on comfort and symptom management
  • The patient is under 18 years, a legal parent or guardian must sign the consent forms of care

*Some Hawaii insurance plans are making it easier for patients to get the support of Hospice Hawaii that they need.  Please check with your provider for specific benefit details.

Referral Process

A patient can self-refer or be referred to Hospice Hawaii by a family member or other loved one; however, the patient’s physician will be contacted for a medical referral. Please call us at 808-924-9255 to find out if hospice care would be appropriate for you or your loved one.

Step 1:  Basic information will be collected by phone; the patient’s physician will be contacted for a medical referral

Step 2:  We will schedule a visit

Step 3:  Our admission nurse will meet with the patient & family to:

  • Answer any questions or concerns the family may have
  • Explain of the role of the patient’s care team that includes the case manager, social workers, certified nurse’s aides, chaplain, volunteers, and caregivers
  • Provide an overview of insurance coverage specific to the patient
  • Provide an assessment (physical and current medications)
  • Review symptoms
  • Arrange for medical equipment for the patient
  • Obtain signatures on release and consent forms