What is Hospice?

It's About Living

Hospice provides palliative care (pain control) and support to enhance comfort and promote the quality of life for individuals with life-limiting conditions. The goal of hospice care is to work closely with the patient/family and their physician, to help patients live as fully as possible and to provide relief from pain and symptoms. An interdisciplinary team of professionals and trained volunteers strives to meet the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each patient and family.

Did You Know?

Accepting hospice care doesn’t mean you are giving up on your loved one.

Accepting care means you want to help your loved one to live the remainder of his or her time to the fullest, in comfort and pain-free. We provide as much help as you need so you’re able to focus on being there for your loved one during this time.

Hospice care brings hope.

Accepting death doesn’t mean giving up on life. It means embracing this part of the journey. And upon entering hospice, many patients finally find relief from the pain and anxiety they’ve been experiencing, gaining energy and clarity. Often, they’re able to live more fully and comfortably, bringing reassurance to them and their families.

Many patients continue to live productive and rewarding lives.

Hospice care is available from the time of the terminal prognosis, regardless of the patient’s physical condition. The earlier a patient receives hospice care, the more we can help. Some patients actually improve and are discharged from hospice care.

You don’t need to give up all medications or treatment.

If you sign on for hospice care and use your hospice benefit, you’re still allowed to continue to receive treatment for any illness outside of the terminal diagnosis.

It’s not just for cancer patients or the elderly.

More than half of hospice patients are diagnosed with other conditions – such as heart failure, dementia, or chronic lung disease. Regardless of the diagnosis, we can help. And hospice serves anyone facing a life-limiting illness – at any age. In fact, Hospice Hawaii has the first dedicated pediatric hospice program in Hawaii, providing comprehensive and specialized care for children and their families.

Hospice care is affordable.

Most local insurance companies and other managed care organizations include hospice care as a benefit. In addition, hospice is available through Medicare and Medicaid, as well as most private insurance plans. If you don’t have insurance, Hospice Hawaii offers a special financial assistance program to meet your needs.