Hospice Hawaii is now Navian Hawaii

Navian (NAV-EE-YAN)

Visit our new website at NavianHawaii.org


As Hospice Hawaii, we provided Hospice Care at journey’s end. Now as Navian Hawaii, we’re expanding our services so we can provide care earlier in a patient’s journey. Our new Integrated Care delivers specialized care to those with serious illnesses, before Hospice Care is needed.


Navian is a combination of the words “Navigator” and “Guardian.”


As a navigator, we provide clarity and guidance through times of uncertainty. As a guardian, we care for people and protect their wishes. Navian Hawaii is here to guide and assist patients and their families through difficult times, providing Integrated Care to patients battling serious illnesses or delivering Hospice Care to patients nearing their end-of-life journey.


Who we are is NOT changing

Although we have a new name, our CORE remains the same. We have the same mission: to bring hope, reduce fears, and impact lives. We hold the same values and beliefs. We are still a nonprofit 501c3 organization with no corporate ownership and will continue to answer to this community. We remain committed to helping more patients in need, serving our overall community and staying true to our mission.