Holly found joy in her flowers…


…and she found relief through us.

The pain is constant, even to the very end. Holly lived with that pain every day. She was 29 when she came to the Hospice Hawaii Kailua House, suffering from colon cancer. And here, she received the care she needed to find comfort. Enough comfort to indulge in the one thing she loved

To keep her mind off the cancer and agony, Holly planted a garden outside her bedroom. The little garden offered respite during her time with us. Her last wish was that we keep the garden going, even after she succumbed to her illness. We’ve taken that task to heart. Recently, when our volunteers gave the Kailua House a much-needed facelift, we enhanced her little garden with waterfalls and a hand-painted sign in her memory, “Holly’s Garden.” And none too soon, because the day after was Holly’s 30th birthday.

The garden stands today – a quiet reminder of how we can all make a difference to a person’s final moments.