Legacy Circle

Hospice Hawaiis Legacy Circle members are forward thinking supporters who have a meaningful connection to Hospice Hawaii and who have an interest in doing something bigger, lasting beyond their lifetime.

Donors become a member of the Legacy Society by making a provision for a future gift to Hospice Hawaii through a bequest in a will or trust or through a charitable gift annuity, retirement plan or IRA, charitable trust, or other planned gift.

Legacy Circle members take pleasure knowing they are helping to ensure that Hospice Hawaii is there to provide loving care and dignity to Hawaii’s patients and their families in the future. Members are invited to exclusive Legacy Circle events and are recognized in our annual donor listings. Legacy Circle members can be anonymous, if they wish.

Hospice Hawaii Legacy Circle Members

Anonymous (5)

Drs. Roger and Felice Brault

Peter A. and R. Lee Carson

Marvin and Rae Alice Hall

Leslie A. Hayashi

Patricia Hays

Yukie H. Ichikawa

Hisako Koga

Lief and Charlotte Koyanagi

Donna Luzon

Gladys Mosley

Allan Seiden

Dorothy M. Tamura

Joan and Perry White

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Yeackel

Beryl Young

In Memoriam

Barbara Cox Anthony

Elizabeth R. Bell

Kathleen Mary Harkness and Pierre Charles Bernard

Bennett W. Botuck

Milton T. Chang

Jonathan Y. C. Ching

Raymond Y. Fujii

Ann M. James

Barbara M. Killam

Jack & Marie Lord Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation

Robert Charles Novak

Patrick D. and Shirley B. Olds

June L. Olson

Donald K. Rudloff

Peter C. Shoemaker

Lucille J. Shreve

James D. Staub

Don H. Smith Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation

Amy E. Uyemura

Diane S. Witt

Norman J. Wright