Family Camp

Family Camp

June 9 – 11, 2017
Applications Due: May 11, 2017


Hospice Hawaii’s annual Family Camp is for children and teens (7-17) and adults who have experienced the death of a loved one.  In a safe and supportive environment, families explore their loss, and are able to connect with others to learn that they are not alone in their grief.  Families are given the opportunity to heal and remember their loved ones through various activities. The camp’s name Ka Pilina Pulama was given to honor our island heritage. It signifies that we are connected to the land, the heavens, and each other. This sustains and holds us through the darkest nights.


  • Individual Family Wayfinders: Each family is paired with a wayfinder who supports and accompanies them throughout the three day camp.
  • Arts and  Crafts: Families participate in a variety of activities connected to a central theme, unique to each year’s camp.
  • Coping Strategies: Facilitators model strategies to communicate and express grief in healthy ways (it is okay to have fun while grieving).
  • Memorials: Families learn to express their loss through rituals that honors their loved one and binds them together.

Please call 791-8093 or email for more information.

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What kinds of activities do you provide?
We base our activities on our camp theme.  In 2016, our theme was “The Rhythms of Life.”  We had taiko drum making and performing, hula lessons, and memorial lantern making.  Visit our website and check the “special events” section for video and pictures of previous camps.

Will I received a camp schedule?
A welcome packet is mailed to each family before camp.  A schedule will be included, and will be posted each day at camp.

What is the ratio of staff to campers?
This depends on the number of families that sign up (each year varies).  We always have one “wayfinder” (volunteer/staff member) assigned to each family, and extra staff and volunteers to assist.

What should I bring to camp?
Basic necessities, such as a tent, clothes, flashlight, bedding, towels, sunscreen, etc.  A list of what to bring will be included in your welcome packet.

May I bring a memento to honor my loved one?
Yes!  Please bring a picture or memento of your loved one (e.g., framed photo, letters, cards, or any item that reminds you of them).  We usually incorporate an activity with your mementos (you will be able to take them home when you leave).

I have food allergies.  How are meals served?
We have two cooks and a kitchen team that make our meals.  When signing up for camp, we will contact you regarding any food allergies or sensitivities so our cooks are able to accommodate as much as possible.

How can I submit my registration and pay for camp?
There are multiple ways you can submit your registration.  You can either mail, email, or fax the registration form.  You can also register online by visiting our website.  For payment, you can make checks out to “Hospice Hawaii/Camp” or pay via credit card on our website.

Are camp scholarships available?
There are limited scholarships available for those who require financial assistance.  Please contact us ASAP to facilitate the process.

Please call 791-8093 or email for more information.

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