Become A Volunteer

There are many ways to support Hospice Hawaii’s work in the community. By volunteering your time and efforts, you can make a difference in someone’s life. And sometimes, that life is yours.

“I believe that every patient with whom I’ve crossed paths has made me a better person. Being able to spend time with patients at this stage in their lives has truly taught me to appreciate life.”

Nita Patel, Special Events Volunteer

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the grieving process, and to use what I’ve learned to help others who are actively grieving.”

Mapuana Taamu, Community Representative Volunteer

“The best part about volunteering at camp was watching the way the children changed over just a couple of days. At the beginning, they were reluctant to discuss their loss. But through various activities and by the end of camp, they were opening up and asking if they could come back next year.”

Helen Taufaasau, Family Camp Volunteer

Volunteers contribute to the quality of patient care and bereavement support for families. They are specially trained and educated in the hospice philosophy and in direct patient care.

More than 100 volunteers work in almost every department, sharing Hospice Hawaii’s mission and contributing over 3,000 hours of service each year. They bring to their volunteer work an enthusiasm and dedication that money cannot buy. New volunteers are accepted on an on-going basis to fulfill the ever evolving needs of Hospice Hawaii and its patients.